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//All About Teeth Whitening

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    white-teethIn a world where people often put their appearance in the forefront, having white teeth is a personal priority for many. With all of the teeth whitening options out there, we thought it was best to learn about all of your options in order to help you choose what is right for your teeth.

    There are professional teeth whitening services that are affordable and accessible in a dental office near you. The first step when getting your teeth whitened is to have a dental exam to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and without any dreaded cavities.  If any dental issues exists, you will need to correct them prior to starting any cosmetic procedure.  It is also recommended, in addition to filling holes, to get your teeth cleaned of dental plaque, stains or residue – all of which are generally covered in most dental plans.

    The fastest way to achieve a super white smile is with an in-office teeth whitening or bleaching.  Your dentist will utilize a highly concentrated formula of hydrogen peroxide-based whitening solution in a dish that your teeth will clench into, then you should notice the change immediately. Individual results will vary, of course, but most people report that their teeth are anywhere from two to eight shades whiter than before the treatment.  Other dentists prefer using a light or laser to cause the same effect. Following the procedure, you may have to get other regular sets of whitening to create a brighter, whiter smile, or you may be sent home with a solution and custom-made bleaching trays to help maintain your new smile.

    Or, you could just choose to skip the dentist office all together by going with a home whitening system. Your take-home kit will also include bleaching gel. This is a less expensive option than in office whitening, but it may take up to fourteen days to see real results, and your teeth may not get as white as if you had the procedure performed in your dentist’s office. Get a kit at the nearest drugstore near you. An even cheaper option is the use of white strips for about $25 for a week’s treatment or about 20 strips. (We had a Starbucks-addicted friend who bought whitening strips and did indeed see results about five shades whiter, we would guesstimate).

    Besides getting caps and other more extreme procedures, teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures by far.  With so many options, we’re sure you will find the one that works best for you and stays within your budget and time constraints. How do you know that teeth whitening will work for you?  It is most effective on discoloration caused by outside influences like red wine, coffee or smoking. Whitening will not change the color of veneers or capped teeth – it will only work on a patient’s natural teeth. So, whether you’re strapped for cash for have money set aside for the more expensive and intensive whitening methods, a talk with your dentist will surely answer your questions.

    Price Summary:
    •    Teeth Whiting at the Dentist or at a Specialty Whitening Center: $50 to $150 dollars per treatment.
    •    Laser Whitening: Over $1,000 per treatment
    •    In-Home Bleach Whitening Trays (Drugstore option): $50 to $100
    •    Whitestrips: About $25


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