Cosmetic Dental Consultation: What Questions Should You Ask?

//Cosmetic Dental Consultation: What Questions Should You Ask?

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    cosmetic-dental-consultationYour teeth are important. A winning smile is one of the first things people notice, and healthy teeth are essential to overall well-being and confidence.  If you are considering having some cosmetic dental work done, you really need to choose two or more cosmetic dentists in your area and arrange to have a consultation with each one. This is a big and potentially expensive step and you want to have the best possible outcome. Here are questions that you should ask the dentist during the consultation, in order to help you choose wisely:

    How long have you been practicing cosmetic dentistry? You want to choose a dentist that has a lot of experience.  This is not always an indicator of their work, but it can tell you that they are experienced and have been in business for a long time.

    Are you licensed and board certified? The dentist should be licensed by your state, which proved he or she has passed the national and state examinations.  Board certification comes from the American Dental Association and is awarded after the dentist has passed an examination from them.

    What types of cosmetic dentistry do you specialize in? Dentists can specialize in different areas after they have had two additional years of training. You want a dentist that is trained to perform several different procedures.

    What procedure do you suggest will give me the best results? Usually there will be several possible techniques that can give a person the outcome they are looking for.  But the dentist should be able to tell you which of the methods will be best for you, will be in your price range and will give you the longest lasting results.

    If there is more than one possible procedure, what are the pros and cons to each one? You want to have all the information you can on each possible dental procedure, such as price, how long each procedure will take to complete and what are the risks associated with each one.

    Are there potential risks or complications possible? A good dentist will be honest about all the potential problems that might occur with any procedure.

    Will there be pain with this procedure and if so, how will it be handled? There may be pain during a procedure, or after it is done. You will want to know what sort of anesthesia, if any, will be used, and what is done for post-operative pain.

    What will be done in case there is an emergency? You will want to know that the dentist is well trained in case of emergencies, as well as his staff.  It is unlikely that there will be an emergency, but if there is you want to know how it will be handled.

    Can I see pictures of your dental work? You should also ask to see before and after photos of some of his work. Cosmetic dentists normally have photos of their work, and looking at them will give you a good idea of what you can expect.

    How much will you have to put down?  What will the monthly payments be?  Cosmetic dentistry is usually not cheap and also not covered by most dental plans. You are entitled to know your options when it comes to paying for it. Are there any incentives or discounts for paying upfront?

    Having a consultation before choosing the dentist for your cosmetic work will help you to choose wisely and get the best possible experience for your money.


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