Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Basics

//Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Basics

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    In the budding field of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening treatments happens to be most popular treatment, universally. A bright set of pearlies is a sign of confidence, personality and maintained personal hygiene. Several kinds of cosmetic tooth bleaching or whitening solutions available, which suit all kinds of budgets, time restrictions and personal choices.

    Therefore, we can comprehend, cosmetic tooth whitening suits everyone. There are several people who have opted to get their teeth whitened and have witnessed moderate to drastic enhancements in the whiteness and brightness of their teeth. However, we must know that teeth whitening doesn’t last forever and should be regularly touched-up to for long lasting effects. These are some of the commonly available teeth whitening alternatives for you:

    In-Office Cosmetic Whitening

    In-office cosmetic whitening can bring about significant changes within a very short span of time. This procedure uses highly concentrated amount of peroxide gel. Before dentists or dental technicians apply this gel to your teeth, your gums are protected with a help of a rubber dam. This rubber dental dam is generally of the paint-on kind.

    In general, this treatment may require several minutes. The peroxide gel is left on your teeth for several intervals of 15 to 20 minutes, which mostly sums up to an hour. If your teeth have extremely stubborn stains, you will be required to attend several more whitening sessions. Alternatively, you may also be given home-use teeth whitening kits. This treatment costs around $650 for every visit.

    Professional Take-Home Cosmetic Whitening Sets

    Dentists from all over the world believe that professional take-home cosmetic whitening sets surely produce excellent effects over the time. Take-home whitening sets include lower concentrations of peroxide gel which must be left on your teeth overnight. Some of these kits also get results within an hour. The cost of these kits cost around $100 to $400.

    OTC Teeth Whitening Options

    OTC teeth whitening products are the most convenient and cheapest products used for whitening and bleaching your teeth. These teeth whiteners can be brought from several departmental and health stores. These OTC kits consist of very low concentration peroxide gels that have to be applied on your teeth. This gel can be applied to your teeth with the help of applicators, whitening strips, trays which suit all teeth. Sometimes these sets do not whiten all your teeth but only the front few ones. The cost of such sets range between $20 and $100.

    The result of a teeth whitening treatment vary from person to person. It is totally dependent on the stubbornness of your dental stains. Many cosmetic whitening treatments bring about immediate results, while others give disappointing results. Before you begin your teeth whitening treatment you must set realistic goals and ask your dentists about the expected results. Before you begin your treatment you must know its duration and total costs. Don’t let your expectations overrule your budget plans.

    There are several post-treatment precautions that must be taken for long lasting results. The longevity of your results greatly depends on the kind of treatment used and post-treatment precautions.


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