How to Fix a Gummy Smile

//How to Fix a Gummy Smile

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    gumsA gummy smile is the somewhat fleshy gum-look that occurs when some of us open our lips to smile. Although, it can leave us feeling self-conscious and a little awkward there are  solutions to this dental condition. This involves two forms of surgery performed by a qualified dental expert specializing in cosmetic dental care. Essentially these surgical procedures re-shape the gum tissue while making use of crown lengthening techniques to provide a less gummy smile when we need to flash a smile about. There are other, non dental options too that focus on the surgical correction of your smile – realignment of lips in other words, but we are concentrating here on the cosmetic dentist’s solution to your smiling problem.

    The Process:

    Finding the Right Cosmetic Dentist: A good start point would be to consult your family dentist, who will refer you to a colleague experienced in the field of what is basically smile reconstruction. When you get there, ask to see pictures of previous work undertaken and look carefully at their “before & after” photographs which will tell you a great deal about their techniques. With computer aided technology your cosmetic dentist should be able to create a close and accurate impression of the look that they are proposing to give you too. Do not be shy to ask them what sort of training they have received, and are continuing to receive regularly to keep them abreast of developments in their field. Furthermore, what equipment would they use and is it state of the art? Lasers are not that common-place in the average dentist’s office, but with a cosmetic dentist they should have them as their stock in trade.

    Cosmetic dentistry used to correct a gummy smile is quite straightforward when performed by a trained and experienced cosmetic dentist. The end result will be a confident and radiant smile that will have you feeling really good when you are in close proximity to others.

    There are two relatively simple surgical procedures used to correct a gummy smile. The first is known as a gingivectomy, and it aims to reduce the amount of gum exposed when smiling. During this dental treatment a minimal amount of gum tissue is removed by dental laser using a technique known as radiosurgery. The procedure is relatively painless, requiring no sutures and typically the gum tissue heals within two weeks. The other surgical option is somewhat more advanced and involves crown lengthening. During this procedure (done under local anesthetic) the gum tissue is contoured around each individual tooth, with the tissue being lifted off the bone and placed in the desired new position using sutures. Healing takes seven to ten days after which the sutures are removed. The process may be repeated in order to steadily build up a new gum profile. The final touch will be the crown lengthening procedure which will provide the final “new” smile.



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