What is Dental Bonding?

//What is Dental Bonding?

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    teeth-gapDental bonding is a relatively quick and inexpensive cosmetic procedure used to correct minor aesthetic issues. The procedure is achieved when your dentist paints a resin or strong plastic material directly onto your teeth.  He or she will choose the color of the resin that most closely matches the color of your teeth.

    Next, a special light is shed on the bonded teeth so that the compound will harden and dry and thus literally bond to your existing teeth.
    Prior to bonding, your dentist will roughen up the teeth in preparation and then apply a sort of primer.  Next the actual bonding solution will be painted on the teeth. Once the bond has hardened, your dentist can do some polishing and additional shaping of the bonded teeth to provide the best looking and most natural smile possible.

    Most dentists will recommend bonding for the following conditions:
    •    Closing gaps between teeth
    •    Lengthening teeth
    •    Changing the shape of teeth
    •    Fixing chipped teeth
    •    Protecting roots if gums have receded

    There are some circumstances where bonding may not be the best option for you. If for example your “problem” tooth is one that you would typically use to bite and chew with, the bond is likely to chip pr crack.  In this instance it would make more sense to consider veneers or crowns.  Front teeth can be a perfect place to try bonding. Overall though, bonding will not last as long as veneers. The average lifespan of the resin bond is around 6 years.


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