Why is Invisalign a Good Alternative to Metal Braces?

Misaligned, crooked or crowded teeth can be a problem in day-to-day life. With time, crooked teeth can make it difficult for you to enjoy your food, maintain good dental [...]

Why is Invisalign a Good Alternative to Metal Braces?2021-04-28T18:51:59+00:00

Importance of Premium Oral Care

Healthy teeth are not easy to achieve. It takes a lifetime of ongoing care to maintain good oral hygiene. Sparkling teeth will not only have an effect on appearance and [...]

Importance of Premium Oral Care2021-05-05T16:13:40+00:00

6 Useful Tips on How to Clean Retainers and Maintain Them

Retainers after braces are prescribed to patients as the aftercare of orthodontics treatment. They keep the changed position of teeth intact. The duration of wearing teeth retainer will vary [...]

6 Useful Tips on How to Clean Retainers and Maintain Them2021-04-28T18:01:50+00:00

How Dental Insurance Work

How does dental insurance work? Dental care can be very expensive, so dental insurance is very helpful in reducing the out of pocket cost of dental treatment.  Dental insurance [...]

How Dental Insurance Work2019-02-11T22:17:38+00:00

At What Age Should a Child Get Braces?

By William Crutchfield, DDS It’s rare for a child to need orthodontic treatment before the loss of baby teeth and the arrival of adult ones. As recommended by the [...]

At What Age Should a Child Get Braces?2017-11-07T22:25:23+00:00

Dental Implants Procedure

To one extent or another, most of us fear the unknown. This holds especially true when it comes to visiting the dentist. No matter how nice he or she [...]

Dental Implants Procedure2017-11-08T22:35:58+00:00

Laminated Porcelain Veneers

When we gaze into the bathroom mirror at the start of our day, it is not unusual to notice even the slightest imperfections in our smile. Perhaps there [...]

Laminated Porcelain Veneers2020-09-03T17:59:11+00:00