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    dental-seniorsIt has been an established fact that our body will slowly degenerate as we age. This is part of the cycle we call ‘life’. Aside from the wrinkles on our skin, our bones will become more fragile as compared when we were younger and so the rest of our body organs.

    One of the most common problems that seniors experience is poor dental health. There are so many dental problems that aging people might encounter. These include dry mouth, uneven jawbone, darkened teeth, tooth decay, cavities, and teeth loss. There are plenty of reasons why this happen. One reason can be attributed to the changes in the bone tissues. As we age, a lot of changes happen in our body from our brain to the tip of our toes and our teeth are no exception. Another reason is the loss of teeth enamel, which is an important substance that protects the teeth. Medications, radiations due to treatment, and diseases can also affect the dental health of an old person.

    Seniors may find it hard to maintain their oral health. At age 40 and above, many people start to suffer from arthritis (a problem related to the joints), making it hard for them to brush their teeth using their time. Some oldies are already bed ridden that they may find it such a painful and terrible experience to even move their hands and gargle. Flossing may also be hard to perform.

    It must be understood that age is not a sole factor that affects oral health. There are many things that can be done to resolve dental problems and protect the teeth from any factor that can be detrimental to your oral health.

    Dental care tips for seniors

    1. Seniors must be given adequate dental attention. They must receive checkups and treatments (if necessary) every now and then to prevent severe problems. Tooth extraction can cause a lot of stress to these people so their teeth must be well taken care of to prevent any need for surgery and extraction.
    • Brushing the teeth at least twice a day is necessary. They must also prefer the toothpaste that contains fluoride. Not all brands contain sufficient amount of fluoride.
    • If you’re a senior and having dental problems, don’t wait until they get worse. Call your dentist right away to secure an appointment with them.
    • Eat foods that improve dental health. Celery and onions are among the foods that help remove the acid in our teeth. They also stimulate salivation, which is essential in protecting the teeth form cavities.
    • Many people think that regular checkup must be done at least twice a year. But this should not be followed all the time especially in the case of seniors. They should consult their doctors especially when suffering from any oral health illness.

    Dental problems in seniors can greatly affect their overall health. A person who is experiencing such problems may find it hard to speak, chew, and swallow. That is why it is important to receive sufficient care from dentists.


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