Dental Tips for Pregnant Women

//Dental Tips for Pregnant Women

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    Pregnancy is condition that many women experience. This is the time where taking care of one’s health is necessary to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby in her womb. If you are expecting a child, you must be aware of any medical procedures that you will undergo. Not all of them are safe for you and your child, so better be careful. In this article, you’re going to find out some good dental tips for pregnant women. Basically, there are some dental procedures that may be harmful for you.

    During pregnancy, all the nutrients that you take in are shared to your baby so if you don’t eat healthy foods and you don’t take vitamins and supplements, chances are you will have a weaker immune system, weaker bones, and weaker oral health. Some women who are pregnant usually overlook their oral health, which usually leads to teeth and gum problems. If you are having any issues with your teeth or mouth, you must visit the dentist as soon as possible.

    However, as mentioned earlier, there are some dental procedures that cannot be administered on pregnant women. These include a tooth extraction, tooth filling, x-ray, root canal treatments, and some others. Why? These procedures, especially the tooth extraction, can be very painful and stressful. You must not stress yourself as it may affect the health of your baby and may lead to some other health conditions. Speaking of tooth extractions, expect that you may experience severe bleeding because during pregnancy, the blood flow in your body increases by 30 up to 50 percent! This condition may also lead to the condition called gingivitis, which is characterized by swelling of gums. If you see your gums glowing in pink, you might be having pregnancy gingivitis. Don’t worry because this is normal as your blood flow has increased. However, this condition might attract bacteria to remain in your gums and cause oral infection. So, it is important that you keep your mouth clean by regularly brushing your teeth and using mouthwash to keep kill any bacteria that may have accumulated in your gums and teeth.

    Some dental procedures last for several hours and pregnant women are not advised to sit on their back for a long time. These dental treatments can only be done during the second trimester of your pregnancy and only when you really need to. If you are on your third trimester already, you should cancel any of your dental appointments.


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